About Transform shortcuts

I’m too used with Maya where I can just press a shortcut and the selected transform tool controls will just appear around the model.

I’m not a fan of pressing the shortcut and, instead of controls appearing, I manipulate the transform tool via mouse and the Shift + (axis).

How can I just have the controls?

I’m not sure what you want, but blender is capable of manipulation objects in many ways.

Do you mean this?

I want to see this when I hit G.

and not manipulate the location or any transform tool with the mouse automatically.

Hmm, maybe a preference option?

Is there a way to contact the instructor of this course?

Yes, I just do @Michael_Bridges and add to the title ‘QUESTION: ***’.

If you’re good with them being on all the time you can do that here

Otherwise, try switching the Tilde Action setting in the preferences from ‘Navigate’ to ‘Gizmos’. In addition, there is a tick box on the keymap tab of the Properties window to enable a few keys to have “secondary actions” one of the keys it affects is the Tilde [`] allowing it to control your gizmos.

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Replied in the Q&A but without changing the source code to blender @Capricas_Kirito’s option is the best you have.
I find it just as easy to use the shortcut keys and press the axis keys afterwards which highlight which axis you are moving,rotating or scaling on in any case.
As when you hit G you are already moving the object the widget isnt possible as blender just is not achieveable as far as i can tell.

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@Capricas_Kirito Tried it. Close but I want those controls to appear when I press a transform shortcut, not when I select an object.

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