About to start testing my new Godot mobile game!

On April 30th, I completed the “Master Mobile Game Development with Godot 4: From Concept to App Stores” course and was excited to create my first mobile game. I just finished and shipped the Google Play Billing integration and hope to move to closed testing soon,

Here is an in-engine image I’m using for the Play Store:

(I didn’t create the artwork.)

I’ve also been posting updates, including videos, on Twitter/X. While it’s not the same game concept, the course was invaluable, and I probably wouldn’t have tried to make a mobile game had I not found it.



Always nice to see when the rubber meets the road, well done! :+1:

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Exciting News! Fishing Tale is Now Live on Google Play! :tada:

It’s free to try. Here is the link to the Play Store. If you enjoy it, please leave a review!


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