About 'Texturing Basics End Of Section Challenge'!


  1. Go through your scene and texture the surfaces
  2. Use textures that you think complement the surface
  3. Use image based textures, generated or a mix
  4. Did you know that volumetrics can be textured?

(Unique Video Reference: 29_TB_BEC)

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Bridge and a dragon in the dark :


I haven’t finished viewing this entire lecture as I have stopped to do the challenge. Here is my scene of a Castle with the fog rolling in (yes, I used a procedural texture on the volumetrics). The only thing I cannot get to look right is the moon I have in the background. It has a moon texture on it (image) and I have a sun lighting it. But the sun is also lighting the scene so I cannot bring the strength up enough to show the moon without having it wash out the effect of the scene. I have tried an emission material on the moon but it turns the moon purple and I loose the image texture. I know I should be able to do this but I have not been able to figure it out, yet.

Castle In Fog Scene:

Here, I finally figured out a way to get the moon to look right in the scene. And I changed some lighting to make more of a view of the castle itself.


I went a little off book and made an entirely new scene. I will admit it took much more than an hour, but I got to put everything I learned in this section to use!

Trying to Stay Warm in the Mountains:


I wasn’t happy with the street lamps in the beginning. But after having added the brick texture, I quite like the contrast to the modern style street lamps.



Added some noise to the hue and saturation of the bricks with object coordinates, so there’s some variation between the arches, added some extra dents into the bricks


I went off on a bit of a tangent. Overall I’m happy with my scene but I wish I could have gotten the grass to look a little better. I think I might need a particle system for that.


Haha I do that all the time. Getting carried away is not always a bad thing. Great work.


So i have to apologize to Mikey here as he has been giving me tips along the way and i have been holding out on him with my lighting till the last moment :slight_smile:
Sorry @Michael_Bridges


Hahah awesome!


Here is my final render.


Finally finished the scene. I must have spent 3 hours trying to get volumetrics to work correctly and finally gave it up as hopeless when it started refusing to render on the Eevee Engine. Anyways, here is my final renders in Eevee and Cycles.

and a few extra shots along the way…


After some minor tunes and twists… the scene is almost the same, but better.

Thank you, Michael! I am really glad with the progress so far. Not only for being able to create a picture similar to the promo one (I liked), but also the confidence I gained with using blender.