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1 How to use TextureProgres nodes 2 How to change values in the inspector and have them reflected in an already running game

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Unleash the power of TextureProgress nodes!

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I not sure if the Aussie theme is working with the alien theme. Unless if I give him a cork space hat. Must have some blowies is space yea?

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This lecture was much more helpful than the official GUI documentation that I used trying to get a health bar into the project I’m working on between Heist Meisters videos.

I’m still confused about what exactly CenterContainer does. In the examples I’ve seen, it doesn’t seem to matter if I use one or not. For example, here’s a health bar I was trying to make with a heart icon in a TextureRect and a bar in a TextureProgress:

It doesn’t matter whether I put the HSplitContainer inside a CenterContainer or not. Both versions look pretty much identical. What I was hoping CenterContianer (or some other container) would do is to center the TextureRec and TextureProgress vertically, so the icon and health bar line up instead of having the progress bar so much higher. I haven’t found any way to do this, and wound up having to modify the sprites to have the same height.

At any rate, I enjoyed this video. Here’s the new GUI from my side project:

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It looks like both HSplitContainers are set up to be the full width of the CanvasLayer. If they are, you won’t be able to see if they’re centered or not What I’m seeing is NinePatchRect2 has elements that are centred hat take up the whole sceen, within which there’s an HSplitContainer.

(Also, I was wrong in the video. Use HBoxContainer - that gets rid of the mouse draggy thing)

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