About 'Start Our Resource System'!

In this video (objectives)...

  1. Create text field to display star amount.
  2. Use ToString() to convert int into string.
  3. Create the 2 public methods that add and remove stars.

After watching (learning outcomes)...

Start our resource system so that we can add, remove and display stars.

(Unique Video Reference: 25_GL_CUD)

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Hi Rick, is it really needed to tell us not to grab your balls? #SubtitlesGoneWrong



Hey Rick,

My text is showing BEHING the Quad and I can’t figure out how to fix that. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Check your “order in layer” and also check it on any canvases you are using. If you have added a quad (something that is not a UI element) then you might need to change your Z depth.

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