About 'Spawning Widgets In C++'!

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  1. Introduce the APIs. (CreateWidget, GetChildAt, AddChild)
  2. Creating the Card widget.
  3. Spawn a widget.
  4. Add to the size box.

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How to spawn widgets and add then to PanelWidgets.

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UE 4.26.0 Will crash when copying the button from WBP_PaintingGrid to WBP_PaintingGridCard, either by Copying (Ctrl+C) or cutting (Ctrl+X).

My solution was to drag a new Button from the Palette and then copying the Normal, Hovered and Pressed (Appearance - Style) properties of the button from WBP_PaintingGrid into the new WBP_PaintingGridCard button. Comile the Blueprint and it will look and behave the same way as in the WBP_PaintingGrid.

After the changes in the code the editor DOES need a restart at the end as in the lesson for the WBP_PaintingGridCard to spawn.


At what time stamp do I do this in the video? I would like to insert an edit.


In the next video you also do some copying and pasting as well and the editor on your version crashes, you end up typing the two short parameters but it does not crash in 4.26.0