About 'Smoothing Out Details'!

In this video (objectives)…

  1. Remove jagged edges without adding more geometry
  2. Fix holes in geometry caused when adding modifiers

After watching (learning outcomes)…

Use the smooth modifier to lessen jagged geometry without resorting to increase geometry

(Unique Video Reference: 11_PW_BEC)

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Smoothed the nearest end cap of the technocylinder

took an old model from the character creation course and made the pose as awkward as possible. Unsmoothed

Smoothed (all):

Smoothed (vertex group)

it’s hard to tell here, but the bobble is more spherical and the “hands” are better defined in the vertex group version

Looked around in my models and couldn’t find anything that the Smooth modifier would work on so I grabbed a cube and found this:

Not sure what the [bleep] it is but, here is what it looked like after the modifier was attached…

I’m thinking that with some serious attention to detail it might fit into a horror scene.

Smoothed out my model from last lecture. There were some really nasty artifacts at the riverbank level. I also reduced the mountain height as it seemed a little extreme.

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Instead of smoothing out some details. I used it to activate a second displacement modifier to add some details of my landscape. I did this already in the previous challenge. So it was a lazy job for me.

Smoothing on the seedpod - before and after


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I just smoothed out the last lecture’s challenge. For reference here are the original and the smoothed versions for comparison.

Nice to see that this got rid of the remaining artifacts at an acceptable loss of quality.

EDIT: Maybe not so acceptable… well, it depends :wink:

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Smoothing out the details



Mysterious, look like wallpaper. Visual art.

Hmmm, I’m visualizing an alien’s skin.

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