About 'Setting Suitable Background Colours'!

In this video (objectives)…

  1. Look at how to change the Background
  2. Understand when to use a light vs a dark background
  3. Reason why you need to have an appropriate colour grease pencil with your chose back ground

After watching (learning outcomes)…

You will have a more comfortable working environment for sketching in Blender.

(Unique Video Reference: 3_SG_BEC)

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Went for your chalk board approach :smiley:
Added a Texture to the brush:

Pale yellow background with blue line color. Kind of like drawing with a pen on an off-white paper. :slight_smile:

And no, I do not have a digital pen to use when drawing. Also, the computer is pretty slow, resulting in these jagged lines.

I like a bit of a bluish background which seemed easiest on my eyes. The problem I have with it is that the GREEN Y axis line is almost indistinguishable from the black grid lines. So, there is a fine line as to how much you can change the color from white because each axis line is a different color which gets effected by the color of the background. I noticed that a warmer orange color fades the Red X Axis toward looking black and the blue axis nearly disappears when the background is a bluish color.

I finally ended up with this color scheme:

No need to really share an image here as mine is identical to Mikey’s with the black background viewport.

My right eye reflects light differently so white glaring me in the face actually gives me migranes or i just cannot see.

GTA V online is a prime example as in some cases my friends cant use voice chat and i literally do not see the chat as its on the right and in light areas of the game its invisible to me.
It does also the highlight in game particularly the need to have the UI customizable to make the game accessible (Or product like blender) to all.

Thanks Mikey i think this just saved this section from having to be skipped!

If you’re developing a character or working on an object, gray background is generally recommended by professional digital artists, because any other colors will eventually corrupt your color perception. Background with multiple colors is also acceptable.

Personally I like the default settings. Because when you are watching other tutorials (using the default settings) it’s easier to follow. Then when you have changed the UI colours.

easy on the eye and looks like my cutting board :wink:

Michael said to make the work-space pleasing to the eye… I hope you like it.

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