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What’s the difference between scaling in edit mode and in object mode???

If possible plz explain with some kind of example

Hi Vikas,

Image you have a structure with a skin over it.
In object mode you are pulling the skin.
In edit mode you are pulling the structure itself

Animations use bones which work with the structure (Which in the course is the mesh) and so if the mesh hasnt been changed alongside the skin (object mode) then it will produce odd results as the skin and structure will be in different places.

The same is true for modifiers as they can be confused by this as well

Hope this helps

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@irresistiblejelly Thanks this help alot

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One more thing @irresistiblejelly during modeling (or before applying materials and textures) which mode is better for different types of transformations

Edit or object???

I think i may have replied to you on the Q&A this morning on this but for other students it depends on use case really.
Mostly i use Edit mode as i am awful for remembering to apply the scale and rotation of things. As long as you remember to apply the scale before you try and add modifiers or animating then you should be fine.
There are times when scaling in object mode wont matter, for example an object that wont be animated, modified or exported and is just an item in the scene then you may not need to use edit mode.

Hope this helps

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Also, an object is a different Blender thing, than the MESH inside an Object.
You can have a single object, with multiple MESH objects.

The object itself will scale all the meshes inside. While in edit mode you can scale a single edge, face or mesh object.

If you scale the object, the meshes inside doesn’t scale at all. The the object scaling act as an additional property of the object.
To make it complicated, some Blender fuctions work on Object level, others of mesh level.
That’s why you can get in trouble using bones, arrays, etc.
The solution then is to apply scaling, rotation of the object (onto the mesh inside). Because you scaled the object instead of the mesh.
To keep out of this trouble later on, with complex Blender projects, people will advice to scale the mesh.
But that’s more of misunderstanding Blender mechanics. You will learn.


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