About 'Repeating The Last Operation'!

In this video (objectives)…

  1. Learn a new work flow technique
  2. Only the previoUs operation, no more
  3. How to repeat a series of operations in a row.

After watching (learning outcomes)…

You will be able to work more proficiently when working on projects that require repeatition.

(Unique Video Reference: 13_GS_BEC)

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Needs some light but good for now.l


Whoops i went a different route entirely but to be honest i kinda wanted the block effect as it is similar to the castle up the road from me.

I went in with cubes and used subsurface and boolean modifiers to tidy up.
Future students. Dont worry if you didnt do my method i went overkill :slight_smile:

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simple quad-based portcullis:




Tried to do a chunkier one based on images on Google…


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  • Linked Duplicates and repeated last action
  • array for the knobs

Hi to all the names, I recognize from the other courses :slight_smile:


Useful information here! Nice to know…

I had to look up the term Portcullis as I was not aware of what that meant. I did not know (or probably remember) that from school. At any rate I got a bit of an education in castle design and defense.

Here is my portcullis:


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Added some depth-of-field and put a bevel modifier on the portcullis (because nothing is perfectly angular)

Here is my portcullis. I had some inspiration and decided to use some animation skills I learned from Mikeys other courses.


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Every time I tried Pasting into script, I kept getting errors, I tried everything nothing works.
Maybe work is being done on current revision of 2.8

I thought it was cool to learn just a little of behind the scenes, and buzz kill only errors

Posting pic of errors

I get the same errors as @TheOutlawPetey… Can anyone help?

I believe it’s the Blender Python API undergoing some work that has broken this at the moment. Hopefully it will be resolved soon :slight_smile:

Like TheOutlawPetey, I had some problems with Python not doing what was expected so ended up repeating a few ‘multi-step’ steps manually. Meh, that’s what I get for gettin’ fancy :confounded:

Not sure what in the world I’m gonna do with it but here’s my Portcullis. Feel free to steal it if you want :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: I also used this exercise to play around with the stupidly complex node that loads by default as i didn’t want to mess up the materials in my bridge scene.

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I like that design I could see it being used on a Gothic themed prison!

I am also getting these errors. It’s a real pain. Still looking for fix?

The animaiton looks amazing @bjhackne11! Did you alter the material on the doorway to make it more scrunched? I think I’ve had that happen to me accidentally a couple of times (especially in Unreal) and it REALLY, REALLY is a pain. Maybe merging your doorway and walls would fix it (If it’s even a problem :slight_smile: )?

AAAAAAANNNNDDDDDD… HERE IT IS!!! I’m actually proud of this one.


That’s really cool!

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