About 'Refining Shadows In Eevee'!

In this video (objectives)…

  1. Look in detail at the various shadow options
  2. Understand that with thin items, Shadow detail needs to be increased
  3. Cycles doesn't have these issues as the shadows occur naturally

After watching (learning outcomes)…

Be able to control Eevee's shadow settings with ease

(Unique Video Reference: 7_SG_BEC)

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This was hard to wrap my head around. I understand what you showed but in practice I found myself struggling to get shadows to look correct. After finishing the video lecture, I realized that I was using a sun lamp instead of the point lamp and that made a big difference in seeing what you presented in the lecture and having my shadows work correctly on my scene. This does seem like a harder way of doing things than the Cycles Render of the same scene. Anyway, with a bit of playing around I got the shadows on my grasses to look a lot better.

The settings were mostly done in the lamp shadows section shown below.
Refining%20Shadows%20of%20Grasses%20Sect_4-92 Refining%20Shadows%20settings

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not a fan of cycles way too slow and spotty :wink:
eve is the way to go from now on.

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Most problems for me occur on the contact shadows. Somehow difficult to see if a parameter has some effect and how.
Probably because my grid where the flower lives is about 2 meter. And most of the blender props are dependent of the object scale.

But i like the result, Low poly and simple to randomize. for massive flower field !


Thanks to Joanna for her tip in the Q&A section:

“Radius of a Point Light is very helpful in order to get better shadow for slim objects. It works similar to softness parameter that is not existing any more.”

My lamp settings…
92 light settings

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Refining shadows in Eevee