About 'Publish Your WebGL Game'!



Hey Rick,

Thanks a lot for the great course.
I followed it all the way through. It helped me develop an awesome game :slight_smile:

From the begining I targetted it for android platform. So didn’t try webGL builds.
I have created an end to end game. USed some of you assets too :stuck_out_tongue:

I have made one short video of it : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWVn-XNon8c
Published it on playstore too : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.namelessstudios.lazeradventures
github source : https://github.com/ajayaradhya/LazerDefender
Udemy id : be.el.ajay@gmail.com

Shared with some of my friends too. They are already considering me as some senior game developer :blush:
Please let me know of your thoughts and where I can improve.

Thanks a looooot again :slight_smile:


Great work, I love what you’ve done with this project - I especially liked the boss. Also, great work on getting some health bars in the game. Well done!


Thanks a lot!
I’m having some difficulties in creating and handling levels as of now.
Can you guide me to any of the topics/courses that you find it best for rookies ? :slight_smile:

I’m currently facing issues in spawning random waves of enemies in each level.
Level1 : enemies in given path which spawn one after the other (as in the course)
Level2 : enemies spawn in groups and dscend downwards.
At the end of Level2 I’m spawning the boss.

The approach I’m taking I’m not if it is right.
So need some documents on what’s the best pattern to create and handle levels in these requirements.

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks again!


Above The Clouds

Took me a while but here it is! It’ll be awesome if someone can play it and give me some feedback! :slight_smile:

EDIT: You need to go into full screen to see some of the background. If you don’t, you won’t be able to see part of the background.


My first game!!! Go easy…it’s very short and sweet – I’d love to build upon it later.
It’s called Dungeon of Peril…it’s has a fantasy theme, sort of like Dungeons & Dragons.


Should we program the “Q” key to quit the game at any time? What should happen?


Hi, Just made my first game. Its about crashing on an alien plant and trying to escape, Enjoy :slight_smile:

My game doesn’t load the next level after building it?

This is quite an interesting topic Russell. The answer will really depend on the platform you plan to build/publish for.

If you were going to build for PC/Mac, then yes, you could add an option to quit the game and use the appropriate code to do so (Application.Quit).

Of course, this would then need a different behaviour when it’s running in the Unity editor, you could use something like this;

public void Quit()
        UnityEditor.EditorApplication.isPlaying = false;
        Application.Quit();  // or include more platform specific functionality

Additionally, if/when the game is run in a browser you will not have control over the browser itself, so the same method of quitting the game won’t work. What you could do in this scenario would be to perhaps either not show the Quit option, or, if you do, have the browser redirect to another web page. Some people have opted for just redirecting to a blank page, I don’t personally see the value in that, however you could redirect to your own website, a portfolio page of other games you’ve made, a link to the store where you game could be found, or perhaps a feedback survey to ask for feedback on your game to collate some valuable feedback.

Finally, different vendors have their own requirements to consider, for example, Apple do not want developers to provide functionality to quit the applications, in favour of their own software managing it.

I hope the above is of use :slight_smile:

See also;


my game :slight_smile: hope you enjoy


Here is my game, guys! Waryag. Or, what happens when a modern world choose an ancient world. By the way I’m still improving my English, so there may be some errors. Hopefully not too many. Hope you enjoy it guys!

And by the way, Rick, what was in that folder of yours! I can’t stop thinking about it! :slight_smile: