About 'Proportional Editing Revisited'!

  • Easy to accidently turn on!
  • Great control over more that one Vertex
  • Enables more organic modelling

(Unique Video Reference: 20_SC_BCC)

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Went a bit to far probably ^^:

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One of the reasons, why I bought this course, was to learn how to make the Body models from the sales thumbnail and sales text:

Here are some reasons why you want to learn Blender character creation with this online tutorial…

I really like your courses but this lecture felt a bit like “How to draw an owl - draw a circle, draw another circle, draw the rest” :frowning:

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The reference:

The Mesh

The Render

For the hair, I thought in using a lot of nested cubes, but this would generate a lot noise, there’s any way that I can do this, and only keep the outer surfaces???

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You can try it with the particle system, there is a option to hide the base mesh, only showing the generated children of it.
You could also try sculpting.
Or use the shapes you want as the hair, and Boolean them with the mode Union to the head shape, in this case there would be no intersecting geometry.

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What a trip!

I tried using the Boolean approach, use an external cube encompassing all the hair object, and extracted with the carve solver, with all the cubes in one object, it was not working… so I separated all the cubes, 20 in total, and I merged 2 cubes in an object and made the Boolean and applied, it was a little troublesome, but the final result was nice! The hair still separated from the head, since I believe the final mesh data would be fuzzy…

Thanks for the tip!


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Nice result :slight_smile:
Yeah, really a bit troublesome :smiley:
If i can find out a quicker way, i’ll update you :slight_smile:

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