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In this video (objectives)…

  1. Texture our models really quickly
  2. Use project to mitigate the UV unwrap process

After watching (learning outcomes)…

Be able to quickly texture objects using projection rather than UV unwrapping.

(Unique Video Reference: 13_PW_BEC)

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I tried 2 projections of textures. One is a rock texture and one is an Agate texture. The agate is a lower resolution picture that I thought I would try because of its interesting colors.

Rock Textured:

It reminds me of an asteroid.

The next one is the Agate texture:


I decided that my rock did not have enough character so I made this one. It gave me a chance to test my understanding of displacements and projecting a texture.


This rock looked so interesting, I thought I would make a little movie in Blender 2.8.


That’s a really nice texture! Great work.


Thank you, it was a lot of fun to do.


I have not reached this part yet, just curious, blender can project objects to the surface - so that we can get textures?


Totally incredibly credible asteroids above!!!

Rock with extreme moss invasion