About 'Profile Modelling By Extrusion'!

  • Understand what a “profile modelling” is.
  • Potentially speed up modelling by mirroring.
  • Use a series of methods to produce a profile that we can use in our scene.
  • Future: Use the same profile in different ways

Profile Modelling

  • A profile is the outline you get when you view something from a particular angle.
  • Imagine slicing through your model.
  • Realise we have used them in the past: Lamp Base was produces with curves and the Pin was geometry based.

Methods Used

  • We’re going to bump up our extrude speed
  • We’re going to be using the bevel tool for construction and defining sharp edges.
  • A subsurface modifier for making the surface.

(Unique Video Reference: 21_GA_CBC)

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I have been very committed to this course. I keep forcing myself to go back when I pass a point and know in my own mind that I have not really understood the value of a particular section. As you can see I got the basics of this lesson back in January but have only now two full months later managed to drag myself back and revisit it.

I think it would be a good idea to revisit the persp / Ortho for this lesson because if you don’t have it lined up correctly it goes wrong fast.

The beginning of this section of the course, I seem to remember encourages you to think for yourself and not necessarily follow the lesson plan with the model itself but to then follow this lesson and the next one without being able to apply it directly takes a very disciplined mind. It is a very technical section.

Still I can finally add this string to my bow.

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I think, we’ve all been there! Sometimes I follow the course and then do a side project with the things I’ve learned. Then weeks of nothing, no energy and no ideas. Thinking why cann’t I do this, Or how do they do that … and many unfinished projects :grinning:.
Then periods of following the lectures with better understanding of what you already have learned. Important in all of this, is just having fun with Blender and other tools. It is not that important how you do it, it is the path to the end result.

Don’t give up. Be patient and learn.

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