About 'Playspace Movement and Colliders'!

  • How can we avoid the collision issue?
  • Adding a VR root component.
  • Aligning the camera to the capsule.

(Unique Video Reference: 6_AE_VR2)

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Loving the course so far.

At this point in the course, I noticed an issue with the valve Index headset where the camera view gets reset? and locked to the pawn forward Vector. Leaving the info here as I’m not sure where the best place to share this is.

Turns out this was occurring due to SteamVR going into Standby mode due to it being idle(?). For anyone else experiencing the same issue, you can disable this under the SteamVR settings page.

Here’s a short video of the issue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNIIOUAJjeo&

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I found it took me quite some time to really understand what was going on and in which direction to move everything. Given that getting it wrong is pretty hard to debug, that just compounded the issue. I ended rate limiting the changes to one per second, and logging out the character world position, VR Root position, Camera position and the intended change. This let me figure out what was happening and massaged the changes until it appeared to work.

I went a slightly different route with local offsets, and also calculated the distance to move just using the VRRoot and Camera local positions.

	auto NewOffsetToMove = CameraLocation + VRRoot->GetRelativeLocation();