About 'Play Space & Gravity'!

In this video (objectives)…

  1. Add walls for our ball to bounce off.
  2. Alter the gravity so that the ball doesn't slow down due to gravity.

After watching (learning outcomes)… Set up our play space and change our gravity.

(Unique Video Reference: 13_BR_CUD)

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Any reason why we are using box colliders for the walls? Whilst i was waiting for this video to be uploaded, i had a ‘play’ around and had a look at the various colliders - found the Edge collider 2d and used that. It was a component of the background image rather than a separate game object (which i admit is probably a better way of doing it).

This seems to work fine and seems more intuitive to using a box collider as we are detecting an edge. Do box colliders in this situation have any advantages?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Nigel, you can use an edge collider, that is fine. You are right that it is better to add the colliders to a separate game object - you dont want to nuke your colliders each time you change your image. Box colliders have plenty of applications in many places in our games, so I just tend to use them out of habit.


first time on here just wanted take a minute to see if anyone else had or has this issue error after error about the ball . my dumb a** forgot to rename the ball sprite from ball3 so it had no clue what to do so if your getting error codes about the ball check that.

and on another note i got the walls on and i noticed that the ball will get going so fast it will break through the colliders.??

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