About pixel size of assets

i have a question about the original size of the player sprite and the size of the tiles

When we export the player assets. Wether they come from the course or from the asset store. the default value is 100 pixel BUT their size (like the tiles before) is small. we need to resize it to 32pixel so is bigger and the sames size as the tiles, who previously had to be resized, so they can fit in our units.
My question is:
Is there a way to maintain the original size of the player and tiles?
im currently making the course using the assets given by rick. but i buyed them in the asset store for futures uses.

Sorry for my bad english.

The value is not 100 pixels but 100 pixels per unit (PPU). Unit refers to the grid in Unity’s 3D world. You’ll have to calculate the width of your camera so it covers the width of your screen in pixels. If 1 world unit (WU) is 100 pixels wide in your definition, your camera needs to cover 18 is the width of the game screen is 1800 pixels.

If your sprite is 100 pixels wide and its PPU is set to 100, it’ll perfectly fit into 1 WU.

Bear in mind that Unity is a 3D engine. Even the 2D stuff is treated as 3D. See the z-position in the Inspector.

The only exception is the UI. In this case, you can leave the PPU at 100, and you do not change any values in the Canvas components. Then your sprites will have the correct size on your screen.

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