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1 How to change a root node in a scene without losing all the work you've done 2 Revisiting the three (?) types of PhysicsBody in Godot 3 How to pick the right PhysicsBody for your node

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Have basic physics working in our game!

(Unique Video Reference: 4_CK_GDT)

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About the issue with making the root of the Pitch.tscn a StaticBody.
I’m not sure if it’s possible in 3.0, but if you follow along with 3.1, you can actually just add a StaticBody as Child of the Pitch, then right-click it and select the option “Make Scene Root”. This will make the StaticBody the Scene Root and place the Pitch-Mesh as child of StaticBody. Much more comfortable than copying parameters around! :slight_smile:

(sorry for the double post, only realized afterwards that I am in the wrong thread…)


This is not an option in 3.0.6, but it certainly is a very welcome addition to the Godot engine.