About 'Particle System Basics'!

In this video (objectives)…

  1. Use particle systems to position many objects in our scene
  2. Add some randomness to our particles
  3. Paint our objects to certain areas

After watching (learning outcomes)…

Have a basic grasp of Blender's particle system

(Unique Video Reference: 17_SG_BEC)

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I have spent the morning trying to put trees and grass in a scene. I have saved regularly (thank goodness) but every time I add a second particle system and switch from emitter to hair my system crashes. I will give your suggestion of adding all the particle systems before appending the objects and see if that works. I am not hopeful though as I am on a Desktop PC. I am currently using Blender 2.80 version 39.

I am not sure why a laptop would work over a desktop. My desktop has 32 Gigs of RAM and a GTX 1060 Graphics Card with 6 Gigs of RAM. That should be more than sufficient enough.

I will try and get my system to work and If I do, I will let you know how I did it.

So, I followed what you showed in the conclusion of this lecture and I was successful in putting 2 particle systems into use. I made the particle systems first. Then I did some weight painting on the ground to place the trees with one vertex group then painted a larger area for the grass (I only had a single grass clump object). Then I appended the grass and tree object. I finished by assigning the objects to the correct particle system and density groups. It all worked so I added a texture to the ground (cracked earth), lit the scene with world settings and a sun lamp. Here is the final render (though I really hate my tree).

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I tried to see if adding an HDRI background and more grass would crash my scene but it did not. My assumption is that the Particle system is not quite up to par yet.

Here is the scene with an HDRI background and lighting and more grass.

Zero crashes using Blender 2019-01-13.

1.126 Million triangles.

Woo we are here!


This reminds me of a very old movie called “the trifids”. Pretty Cool!

Bringing it together now

realized I forgot to turn on a few things


you into voodo? :stuck_out_tongue: great render.

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3 particle systems no crashes but kept numbers on the conservative side.

great course pity its coming to an end well done michael

Heh yeah i did go a little dark and gothic with this render :smiley:
I should get back into creating more environments at some point :slight_smile:

Would for me to use my drawing tablet.

For when the temple is too far, you can use this shrine :slight_smile:

Trees look weird without their leaves…


The thing that took the longest was actually figuring out how to add random rotations to the “hairs” because once my flowers came in it looked wrong having every instance facing the same way…
It’s not obvious:

Choose “hairs” and click “advanced”, then “rotation” and set the Phase and Randomize Phase to 1 and 2 respectively (That seemed to give the best results.)
This scene took much longer than the results justify but I think I learned a lot.