About 'Packaging your Game'!



In this video (objectives)…

  1. How to package and run game without UE4 editor
  2. Set default levels to load
  3. Package only levels and content used
  4. Development & Production builds

After watching (learning outcomes)…

Package your own Unreal Engine 4 game

(Unique Video Reference: 14_MR_UBP)

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You lads are right. It wasn’t even lunchtime by the time this was finished. Looking forward to the next session.


Amazing work @Velcronator! True to the name :wink:

Any chance we can share your video on and post on Twitter and Facebook? If so, what are your handles so we can @ you.


Thanks. No Problem at all, share away.

Twitter is @Velcronator1 and farsebook is https://www.facebook.com/valacos

Well constructed coarse so far. Looking forward to see what is coming up.


@Velcronator This is great work! Hope you had good fun running through the section!


Question on the packaging and to be honest I have not troubleshoot anything. But I tried to package to HTML5. After like 10 minutes I gave up. But then I did it for windows and went through really quick. I just did the install of the launcher and 4.21 and don’t remember seeing the install screen where it asks you to install packagers like Unity does. Can’t even remember if Unreal does that. Any thoughts?



Thanks Sam, I knew I was missing something stupid