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  1. How to package and run game without UE4 editor
  2. Set default levels to load
  3. Package only levels and content used
  4. Development & Production builds

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Package your own Unreal Engine 4 game

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You lads are right. It wasn’t even lunchtime by the time this was finished. Looking forward to the next session.

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Amazing work @Velcronator! True to the name :wink:

Any chance we can share your video on and post on Twitter and Facebook? If so, what are your handles so we can @ you.

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Thanks. No Problem at all, share away.

Twitter is @Velcronator1 and farsebook is https://www.facebook.com/valacos

Well constructed coarse so far. Looking forward to see what is coming up.

@Velcronator This is great work! Hope you had good fun running through the section!

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Question on the packaging and to be honest I have not troubleshoot anything. But I tried to package to HTML5. After like 10 minutes I gave up. But then I did it for windows and went through really quick. I just did the install of the launcher and 4.21 and don’t remember seeing the install screen where it asks you to install packagers like Unity does. Can’t even remember if Unreal does that. Any thoughts?


Thanks Sam, I knew I was missing something stupid

Hi! First of all, nice course! But now I have my first problem: after the packaging the game launch but it receive no input from mouse as in the editor. Blueprint is the same as yours and i followed all the instruction for packaging. Keyboard input work, because R can restart level. Any idea?

If you get an error like this

FilenameToLongPackageName failed to convert ‘…/…/…/…/…/…/ThirdPersonExampleMap.umap’. Attempt result was ‘…/…/…/…/…/…/ThirdPersonExampleMap’, but the path contains illegal characters ‘.’

Then your going to have to move your Default Unreal Project folder from My Documents to C:\ because the error is caused by the files path being too long. This used to be an issue with Windows but it has recently been fixed. Problem is they haven’t had the chance to update it for Unreal.

Also I found this, it’s an experimental option in Unreal

Historically, paths in windows have been limited to 260 characters, which can cause problems for projects with complex naming conventions and deep hierarchies of assets. The Windows 10 Anniversary Update adds support for much longer filenames, on the condition that the user and each application opt-in to it. UE 4.21 includes support for long paths. To enable it:

Note that support for long paths is not universal, and third party tools - even parts of the operating system, like Windows Explorer - may not support them correctly.

Not sure if there are rules about bumping old threads but I packaged my game following the tutorial and it worked fine, then i followed the steps to add an escape key to quit and tried to package again but i got this error message

Please help!

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