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Bridge with frozen lake:


Very good to get suggestions as to where to get textures, I really like that!!
However - @Michael_Bridges … I do believe that the normal texture actually came out inverted at the end of the video. If you look closely, it looks like the mortar is kind of “coming out” of the texture, while the bricks themselves are more “indented”… so to speak. Am I right?

Anyway - here is my little archway. Since I made the original mesh a bit too complex for my UV mapping handling, I have not done all the details, but am satisfied with the result nonetheless.

Eevee - really cool with the “bloom” feature:

Cycles - looks a bit duller this time:


Alright, now it looks a great deal more realistic, but the little problem my UV maps of the Arch were showing finally came to the front. When I tried to add a displacement modifier and put in a displacement image. But when I added the subdivision subsurf my Arch got covered with a face at a 45 degree angle. It looks like this:

Without the subdivision subsurf it looks like this:





Basically Recreated the End of Section 1 Challenge, but a little simpler. I am in love with normal displacement maps!


The top is a bit iffy, but the sides/tunnel look ok.

This was first error, but I found correction for images not lining up
the display menu, repeat operation, that removed seams

Good news for for me it works in current 2.8 alpha.
new image, much better

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I’m using multiple materials in mine with both textures being from Texture.com.


Color map + Normal map + Roughness
a little UV alignment was necessary

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Eevee render. I have download also an AO map which I didn’t know where to connect to.

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I am not at a computer at the moment…I believe there is an ambient occlusion shader that you would plug that into and then use a mix shader to combine the principled with the ambient occlusion shader.

Ambient occlusion is not a real thing so it isn’t included in the principal trader… That is my understanding of it.

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My Archway render with brick texture

Not sure what is happening in my project. But I got the feeling something is inverted or wrongly scaled. I’m out of ideas. Problem arises with the displacement modifier.

So I decided to switch over to cracked ground texture. Because I understand this one.
But this one shows a strange lighting, I’m using a sun lamp, top left to right down.
But the texture lighting is very strange. The inner archway should be dark, no sun.

It’s like an extra lamp is at the bottom somewhere. Or things are inverted (I checked normals) Any clues?

Just using a stand brick texture. Also here individual stones are highlighted from below.

I don’t think the normals are inverted, I used an invert node on the normals and that seemed to raise the indents up rather than the bricks, it just looks a little odd at certain angles. Perhaps an AO map would help darken the indentations

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I encountered the same problem ‘feeling’. Couldn’t fix it.
It looks like that the plaster between the bricks is pushed outwards (causing a shadow).
I think the normal map must be inverted.


the render looks better in the editor then rendered :stuck_out_tongue: thats the power of evee

why is the resolution jumping back from 1080 to 720 ? at 720 all text is illegibale.