About 'Object Transforms'!



In this video (objectives)…

  1. Learn about Scaling Rotating and Tranlating.
  2. See the various ways of accessing those tools.
  3. Apply Rotation and Scaling Transforms.

After watching (learning outcomes)…

You will be able to transform any object in Blender.

(Unique Video Reference: 4_GG_CBC)

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  • What we could do better?

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It wasn’t so long ago that I would look at the Blender interface and be left wondering which button to click and which to avoid. So, just to get this started and encourage new students to share their work, even the the stuff more advanced users might consider basic, here is my diamond :slight_smile:

If you’re new to the course Welcome! Don’t be afraid to ask a question, someone will have the answer. And we look forward to seeing you grow.

If you’re returning to see what’s new, good to see you.


Great bit of encouragement thank you for sharing!


This was very difficult for me, a beginner. After many attempts, I can now make the diamond. While I can mechanically make the diamond, I do not understand the “why”. What does it actually mean to apply rotation and scale following a transform? Secondly, how would this transformation be used later?




Great question. This is one of those few moments where I’ll ask you to trust me in Applying your Rotation and Scale. To explain why would elongate the lecture too much. In short, if you don’t it will affect the outcome of modifiers, particle systems, physics and more…


Thanks and I am with you on the journey!


I tried the way you did it in the video but for some reason I could not figure it out, but avast, I found another way.


Making mistakes before I figured it out really helped :slight_smile:
My beautiful diamond!


Woot I did it. First lesson learned…listen to the lecture!!!

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