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  1. Reminder of the core guessing game mechanic.
  2. Presentation of our game flow through the main scenes.
  3. Discussion of theme and tone of the game.

After watching (learning outcomes)… Clear on the design objectives for the game.

(Unique Video Reference: 2_UI_CUD)

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2018.2 is not available for me
I only see 2018.1.6f1
is there a way to refresh the hub or something?
I have restarted it a few times

I’m not sure about that. Possibly there is a progressive rollout of the update if you are in a different country. Maybe.

I click Installs > Official Releases, and I see it there. Can you find it if you click on Beta Releases?

I guess the actual question then is, does it matter for the use in this project? Number wizard UI?



Nope, shouldn’t make any difference at all for Number Wizard UI - feel free to push ahead with gusto.

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Hi Rick…i had the same problem so I looked in the Beta Release and there is a 2018.2 version. I tried that and it all seems ok :+1:

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Here’s what I have come up for the intro scene to number wizard.


What i have designed so far

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 11.01.11 PM


Here is my Intro Start Screen


I am currently going through the beginning part of NumberWizardUI.

I am thinking I will use a comical theme, making use of a funny UI, similar to:


Alright, so I finished it, and it looked like this:

Here’s the URL:



i love that ideia. hahahahaha

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Haha, I’m making mine based on Thanos. “Pick a number. If I’m wrong, I will snap my finger and half of the choices will be eliminated depending on whether it’s higher or lower. So, what’ll it be?”


My idea for the theme of the game is a carnival grifter who claims they can always guess your number within 10 guesses if you tell them higher or lower after each guess.

Unless my intuition and testing are both horrible failures, 10 guesses is the most it takes and this occurs when the number is 1 or 1000.

Simple little scene so far

Had a lot of fun with this one!

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