About non-gamedev related experience on LinkedIn. Include it or not?

Hey everybody. I just got a part-time job to support my further gamedev learning and keep improving my portfolio to be able to land a job in the industry in the future. Should I include it in my LinkedIn profile and resume? Would it affect the opinion of future employers?

As it stands now, anyone getting on my profile can see that I have been 1 year unemployed and I’m wondering if that could be even more of a red flag.

Any advice you guys have on this matter I’d really appreciate it.

PD: my profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aythami-cabrera-rodríguez/

Hi Aythami,
I would probably not include it, as it is not relevant to your target career. If an employer asks, you can tell them you were studying and had a part-time job to support yourself, but I wouldn’t advertise it.
Hope it helps and good luck!

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