About 'Multiple UV Unwraps'!

In this video (objectives)…

  1. Make another UV Map
  2. Use a UV Map node to control how the texture is baked
  3. Bake one UV mapped model with multiple materials to a different UV setup

After watching (learning outcomes)…

You will be able to Unwrap you models with much more proficiency and understand when to use multiple UV Unwraps

(Unique Video Reference: 22_TB_BEC)

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My Bridge in Unity. Went ahead and also baked normal and roughness maps.


Yes!! I actually managed to pull it off! :smiley:
First time exporting from Blender to Unity. Today’s Blender version actually had .fbx exporter, so I used that instead:


The one furthest away is the first attempt, that had two UV Maps, and Unity chose the first one - I did not manage to change that, so I went back to Blender and deleted that UV map, and then it worked, see the closest one. :smiley: Yaay!

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I did not seem to find the correct UV images when I baked the Bridge Archway even though I was following along with what you said. I probably missed something in the challenge that did come up in the shortened previous video. I am going to skip this lecture challenge and move on since isn’t making much sense at the moment.

Im so glad I got this to work! I have really struggled with baking in the past. Left is the archway with baked diffuse and normal, right is the original.

Diffuse Bake:

Normal Bake:

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Awesome work! Glad you got it working- that’s good that normal maps are now working as working!!

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Archway in UE4, it managed to import the material and textures too :slight_smile: (well, except roughness)

Fixing preview orientation in Unity:
Be sure to apply rotation and scale in blender. Also, in Blender, if you go into EDIT MODE, select ALL verts, rotate the entire model 90 degrees on the X axis, you can get it right. You may need to experiment around w/ rotations in edit mode, but this always works for me. Otherwise, you’ll need to parent your blender model to an empty gameObject.

I was happy to see that importing to Godot from blender 2.8 was nice and easy. I learned that Godot has support for 2 UV maps but unfortunately I couldn’t figure out how to tell it which one I wanted to use. In order to get it working I had to save a separate blender file, remove the unwanted UV map, and then export the COLLADA file.

my bridge arch in Unreal
looking kind of sad and lonely there…


left side - Blender
right side - imported geo with texture into TouchDesigner
not really sure if doing it right.

is there a way to export/import uv’s in Blender?
eg. if i duplicate arch and in one of them delete mesh data, how do I ‘import’ correct uv’s? hope it makes sense :]

My understanding of a UV map is that it IS the selected mesh data of an object projected on to a 2D surface. Therefore there is no such thing and importing or exporting UVs. And if you delete mesh data you have also deleted the corresponding UV data.

By all means you can import and export a texture that uses the UV

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Thanks for reply, my mistake!
I meant “deleting UVmap in Object Data”, not “mesh data”.

Actually, I’ve found answer in Blender Manual. Transferring UV maps

I stumbled upon this wizardry of UV-mapping. It’s blender 2.7.9 or before. But, it shows so much more about UV-mapping. Have fun.

My solution. Did some tweaking in blender.

Exported to SketchFab

Good lecture to learn all the baking via blender.
But this is soooo much work, I am happy that I can use Substance Painter for this :sweat_smile:

Here Is Final Render After This Lecture For Today


Now Here Are Baked Maps