About 'Mixing Nodes Together'!

In this video (objectives)…

  1. Look at the numerous ways that you can mix nodes together to create new outputs
  2. It is best to mix similar nodes together
  3. Things can get very create

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Create more advanced materials and have a better understanding of combining nodes together.

(Unique Video Reference: 25_TB_BEC)

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Does anyone know why the Eevee rendering looks pixelated in the part that shows the procedural textures? (You have to click the image to view it in full resolution)

The Cycles render does not show anything of that…

Half Res turned on under screen space reflection options in the render properties?

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It took me a while to understand how to combine two textures. I know, it was explained right there in the lecture but I drew a blank when I stopped to set it up in my scene. Eventually, it all worked out. I went with combining Voronoi Texture with Noise Texture. I liked the result so I kept it though I did try wave but did not like it as much.

Here is my Bridge Over Castle Water. Hmm, reminds me of a song… :slight_smile:



Here is my Bridge with water. It is just 2 noise textures set to the power of each other.



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The water is using a Tex Coord into a Mapping into a Wave Texture connected to the Subsurface and the Roughness of the Principled BSDF. I’m pretty sure Batman is lurking somewhere around this bridge :slight_smile:


I mixed 3 different wave textures all at slightly different angles (using mapping node z rotation) and distortion to control a bump node and used 2 of those to the roughness via a colour ramp.

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NICE! I like the tower in the background

This one was a real test of my patience. Not because it was difficult in and of itself but, because Blender crashed every single time I made the slightest tweak to one of the nodes. I finally ended up using LookDev to get a basic pattern for each of the textures. Then I switched to solid and rendered about 100 times to get the mix and coloring right. (Coloring still needs some work as I’m not finding the look I’m trying to achieve.)


Looks better now the water got the wavy pattern.

Used a mix of voronoi and noise texture for water, brick texture for the bridge arch and concrete textures PBR for the details on the arch.


My attempt went for waves and noise but used multiply to mix them together.

From Above:

And below:

great water textures all. i combined wave and noise.


In my case a Wave Texture controlled the height of a Bump (feeding a Normal) while a Musgrave influenced the distance, adding the finer ripples in the water surface.

I actually made a second render in the hopes of seeing “recognizable” reflections of the lamp posts in the water, but unfortunately there’s not much to see - too much “weather”.

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The spotlight and lamp are not on the same spot (intentional?)

I was placing lights by hand :smiley: