About 'Meaningful Markers'!

In this video (objectives)…

  1. Add markers to our timeline for reference
  2. For a regular animation like walking we will have regularly spaced markers
  3. General scaling timeline, dope sheet and graph editor
  4. Manipulating our meaningful markers

After watching (learning outcomes)…

Add and rename markers to the timeline Understand why this is a good practice prior to animating Comfortable with editing your markers and navigating the timeline, dope sheet and graph editor

(Unique Video Reference: 7_HA_BCC)

We would love to know…

  • What you found good about this lecture?
  • What we could do better?

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This lecture seemed very straight forward and easy to follow. I like the repetition of the names of the walk cycle. It really reinforces the concept of what the animation should be doing when completed. :slightly_smiling_face:

I Think I want to go too fast. Placing markers help, but get a good walk cycle was difficult for me. I think because I want too much at once. And a bit more complex Cube dude is not helpful.

What I did was using the following marker notation:

side-pose-sequence, as in ‘L-Down-1’, ‘R-Down-1’,… followed by ‘L-Down-2’, ‘R-Down-2’ markers. So I could easily duplicate (Shift+d) keys.

I created this animation. My figure is low poly, with some strange automatic armature weighting. Also my armature and poles aren’t correctly setup. I find this difficult.

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