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1 Working in 3D 2 Creating a MeshInstance node 3 Creating a simple material

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Create simple meshes and apply materials to them

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Godot ball on svg pitch

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Very cool! I’m digging the SVG pitch!

(Fun fact - in the first prototype I had the Godot face as the ball texture too!)

Should I be concerned about this blueish tint that’s showing on my pitch? I’m assuming this is normal, but it there’s no tint color in the video.

It’s perfectly normal - I accidentally deleted my default environment (which I fix later in the section). It’s because there’s blue ambient light but no other light.

Ah I asked this same question here Pitch displays with a blue colour overlay - glad I read this thread :slight_smile:

Here’s mine:
I changed the setting a little … it’s now camels in the desert kicking balls into carpets :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I put in an HDRI from HDRIhaven into the environment and played around with the directional light settings a little because I had trouble with them. To me it looks best with orthogonal shadows instead of PSSM and contact set to 0.5 since the shadows didn’t begin at the camels feet. I fiddled around with the bias settings, but mostly got weird results.

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