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  1. Copying The Modifier Stack
  2. Works on several other items as well!

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Copy select properties of one object to one or more objects

(Unique Video Reference: 9_TB_BEC)

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Highly recommend unless you have 32Gb of Ram and a GPU with a minimum of 6GB memory sticking to 2-6 on the render subdivision modifier depending on your system.

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Linking is so handy. I keep this one to a short amount of time.

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This was a quick one. Added the sphere, then linked from the torus (from previous challenge) to all the other objects. However, some of the objects suffer from too low subdivision level…

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My system has 32 gigs of RAM and 6 Gb of Video RAM. So, it took about 40 seconds to render using Eevee.

I had a little problem with the Quiz 7. Some of the material didn’t seem to be covered by this section of the lectures as a matter of fact some of the qusetions in the quiz look like topics in the next section. I knew most of the answers but messed up on the one that was covered in this section on “what color node only receives one input.” I wasn’t paying attention and guessed (badly). I did go back and check in nodes and try them to see which was the correct color. Nothing like making you think and letting you know when you missed an answer so you could do further study of that particular area of course!

Here are my linked objects using Suzanne’s modifiers and materials.

I made a better grouping and lighting for this exercise and wanted to share it:


Here are my objects with modifiers and materials linked.

I’m almost hesitant to say anything, since I’ve been wrong so many times before about things… but I didn’t see the actual challenge in the video. And yet others have posted things. Did it get edited out at some point? Did others guess what was to be done?

At 4:12, you say “And now it’s time for your challenge”, and then you launch into things. I assumed the challenge would come at some point, but I didn’t see it. I went along thinking it was all prelude, and then at 9:05 or so, you say “The final part of the challenge was to create…”. Which made me realize something had gone missing… (Was it me?)

It’s not you and I am puzzled as well! Working on the fix now!

Fix is on its way to Udemy now :+1:

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Mud Ball planet with dirt ring and Make Link debris

It was a very basic lesson but it hit my PC like a load of bricks
I had to shut my second monitor down to render in cycles.
Its kind of cool to make art that breaks computers. I was like thank god the overclock was stable.
the big note watch out for render in subdiv surfaces it will make you sit there for awhile even in evee
the floating debris didn’t come out as good as the monkey head, when they share Link Made data and material.


Suzanne’s head looks a bit strange because of the automatic UV unwrapping. (is this the right terminology?) But otherwise I like the result. :slight_smile:

I discovered a problem with my modifiers when I added the new object

luckily, the fix was as simple as increasing the number of divisions on the SubSurf

Great! Always love to see (or better of course discover and create myself) how the simple technics explained during the lecture can turn into an interesting image like this one!

almost fried my laptop rendering this scene :o

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I was too confident. Render subdivisions at 7 … system completely halted.
So back to basics

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