About 'Level Blockout & Lighting'!



In this video (objectives)…

  1. Learn how to use viewport view modes
  2. How to add lights to your level
  3. Understand the difference between precomputed and dynamic lighting
  4. Disable auto exposure effect

After watching (learning outcomes)…

Add lights and use precomputed or dynamic lighting

(Unique Video Reference: 2_CC_UBP)

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I enjoyed this lecture. One thing I wanted to comment on, is when I clicked on “View Mode” and changed the setting to “Unlit”, I still couldn’t see my box. Not until I looked to the right under my brush settings. Even though on the left I clicked on “Add” for my geometry, the brush type was set to “Subtractive”. Once I changed it to “Additive”, I could see my box. It may be a very basic thing for some, but it took me a few minutes to figure out, and thought maybe this could help someone else :slight_smile:
I love the course so far, thank you very much for it :nerd_face:


Thanks for sharing this! Seems like a strange one that I haven’t come across myself yet. Just to confirm, if you’ve dragged out a box brush and it was subtractive you would never see the geometry regardless of the viewmode. It will just show the edges making up the shape of the box.

Thanks for posting!


Yes, I could only see the edges of the box, and then when you made yours “visible”, and I couldn’t, I had to stop the video, and see where my issue was. I tinkered around and found it, then finished the video, and what there is of the course thus far.
The course is very easy to follow and understand. Also, the content is “sticking to me”, which I think will make the C++ with Unreal course easier to follow later :slight_smile: