About 'Layer Collision Matrix'!



In this video (objectives)…

  1. Create layers and apply the correct rules to the layer collision matrix.
  2. Destroy objects which are inflicting damage.
  3. Protect against null within our damage collision event.

After watching (learning outcomes)…

Apply layers and use the collision matrix to ensure only valid objects can influence each other.

(Unique Video Reference: 23_LD_CUD)

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After spending ages trying to figure out why some of my enemy paths weren’t working, I realized the enemies were hitting my shredder at the top. So I went ahead and created a ‘shredder’ level as well to make sure only projectiles gets destroyed by it.


Good thinking!


I’m not that good at logical conclusions, but my gut says two layers should be enough to put everything in its right place. :slight_smile: Something like ‘DamageToPlayer’ and ‘DamageToEnemy’.

ps: didn’t mean to be cocky :smile: