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  1. Binding an axis for pagination.
  2. Overview of a latching mechanism.
  3. Log latched offsets.

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How to turn an analogue input into an action.

(Unique Video Reference: 49_LP_VR2)

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Vive Index Thumbsticks Axis Bindings need to be specified for BOTH axis (per thumbstick, if using more than one) in Project Settings - Input

Axis names MUST end with _X and _Y respectively for the Vive Index plugin to find them.

Even if only one Axis is being used.

No need to specify anything for the unused Axis in C++ (Aside for Sanity/Clarity/Order/Style/Etiquette)


void AVRPawn::SetupPlayerInputComponent(UInputComponent * PlayerInputComponent)

	PlayerInputComponent->BindAction(TEXT("RightTrigger"), EInputEvent::IE_Pressed, this, &AVRPawn::RightTriggerPressed);
	PlayerInputComponent->BindAction(TEXT("RightTrigger"), EInputEvent::IE_Released, this, &AVRPawn::RightTriggerReleased);
	PlayerInputComponent->BindAxis(TEXT("PaginateRight_X"), this, &AVRPawn::PaginateRightAxisInput);

UE 4.26.0 - SteamVR 1.15.19