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Stop Bunny from floating along the ceiling

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How to use is_on_ceiling()

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Instead of using is_on_ceiling() I discovered that saving the result of move_and_slide() solves most collision and animation problems I had.

motion = move_and_slide(motion, UP)

With this code I also changed gravity to apply all the time. Since motion.y is set to 0 when on the floor or ceiling and no longer build up to infiinity.

I also changed the animation script to be more precise and avoid a few problems

func update(motion, is_on_floor):

if !is_on_floor:
	flip_h = false
elif motion.x > 1: # Avoid impecise results, barely noticeable
	flip_h = false
elif motion.x < -1:
	flip_h = true
	flip_h = false

I hope this code can be of use to improve this already great course.


Yann, please, can you help me out?

By some trials and errors, i found this solution that works better but i don’t fully know why. The video’s solution lets the bunny to walk horizontally while attached to the ceiling. So, i guess it lets bunny floats in the air till his collision mask have no contact with the platform’s. I’ve just remembered that gravity was applied per second, so, maybe this way you let gravity start working by removing the bunny from the ceilling(executing the else condition).


same issue here! this solution was a life saver!

sound, nice workaround and cheers for sharing.

as far as i can remember when i was going through that, Yann also moved the player slightly out of the collision state as well to allow gravity to take hold.