About 'Introducing the Bevel Modifier'!

In this video (objectives)…

  1. Enable the Bevel Modifier
  2. Use it to control the geometry around edges
  3. Saves having to make extra geometry manually

After watching (learning outcomes)…

You will be able to use the Bevel modifier to add edge geometry

(Unique Video Reference: 28_TB_BEC)

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My beveled bridge ^^ :


Here is my scene using the bevel modifier on the pavement and Lamp Posts. It was easy enough to do except for the fact that I have a Bridge Archway that has to be separated into different objects to make life a little more easy. But at any rate this lecture was easy to follow. I don’t think any thing in this lecture needs to be done any better than how it was presented.

Here is my Castle Scene:

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Bevel Modifier. I did it on the bricks on the side of the bridge. I went to do it on the castle wall, but liked it so much more with just a subsurf on it.

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I have used the bevel modifier on almost everything. I particularly like the effect it has on the archway.

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Added bevel onto the road/bridge, already had it on the railings (but reduced the distance in this one) and the lamp posts.

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Colorramp2 Colorramp3

What would really help your scenes, would be a bit more dynamic range, they’re awesome but dark currently :wink:

Here is my scene with the addition of the Bevel. I’m really not seeing a difference but that may be my eyesight.

as part of the work on this lesson, I added in a mirror-ball texture for the sky (texture courtesy of Michael Bridges Complete Blender Creator Course Section 5) and tweaked the sun just a bit to create better lighting. This really improved the look of the water (imho).

next will be bringing in the lamp posts, which I’ll be re-designing as the originals just don’t go with this look.


Just made the bricks of my well look a bit better. But it still looks like a comic mostly.

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Bevel modifier on the bridge

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It’s alright