About 'Instantiating Your Class'!

  • Relax, they’re just user defined types!
  • string FirstName; creates a string object
  • FBullCowGame BCGame; works the same way
  • These instances are initialised by “constructors”
  • Instantiating means “creating an instance of”
  • So we’re simply creating a game instance.

(Unique Video Reference: 17_BC_URC)

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Hello @sampattuzzi,

I feel well guided through the course until now. Maybe you can outline the difference between “Instantiation” and “Initialization”.


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I found an answer online about Instantiating and Initialization and used the BCGame for the example.


This is when memory is allocated for an object. This is what the BCGame is doing. A reference to the object that was created is returned from the BCGame.


This is when values are put into the memory that was allocated. This is what the Constructor of a class does when using the BCGame.