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Might want to include the use of _sc_ (windows) & ._sc_ (*nix/mac) on this lecture :slight_smile:

Tempting - I’m not sure it’s something I necessarily feel right putting right at the beginning of the course, but i’ll investigate

Okay, then make it a small one off lecture (can use the info from my previous post). But perhaps point out “self contained mode” during this one and touch on the possibility that it will be contained in a lecture later.

Little script:
“You can install godot anywhere, if you want Godot to be portable you can utilize a function called self contained mode, we won’t get into that now, but will touch on it in another lecture.”


I like it. I’ll make sure I revisit this before we go live.


I’ve updated my other post as I found a special caveat having to do with Godot binary handling, macs, and .app files.

So is this course out yet? or are you just preparing for when you get the fund raiser?

It’s not out yet - it’s in development while we run the Kickstarter campaign!

I’m using the version that is on Steam. I’m assuming its not deficient. Im excited about this course. put my 2 bits on the kickstarter, the one bundled with the board game. Unity is great but Im not settled on it. GoDot was an early choce but was before 3.x and not the same experience at all. I’m messing around the interface trying to get my head around concepts. I’m thinking gdscript and visual script seem interesting and, even if you choose C# (which I know well), could you include the equivalent scripts or show us how to make that conversion. I’m interested in these two too. :slight_smile:

Hi Richard!

Sounds like this course is just up your alley - I’m writing all the projects in GDScript and Ben is then converting them into C-sharp! And the steam version will work just fine unless you want to use C-Sharp

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After speaking to my kids (range from 27-8 lol) I think they like games like ‘Brave Bran’ (third video, 1st game on godot game on steam) look and style. I like puzzle games more so I’m inclined to want to combine the two. Anyway if you are still looking for ideas … that is one.

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This is so not important at the start of the course. If you are a new person to all of this, then this is just not an item to put in before way later in the course. Only my two cents.

hi, what if I want to use Visual Studio 2017 instead of Mono, which download should I get?

I’ve not used Visual Studio with Godot, but if I recall Visual Studio on its own won’t let you use C# in Godot. If you want to use C#, you’ll need the mono version of Godot and the mono version stated on the page (5.12 at the time of writing). If you don’t want to use C#, get the non mono version.

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A possible tip for those installing Godot on something like Windows 10: once you have Godot copied and it’s running, you can right click on its icon in the taskbar (while running) and select “Pin to taskbar”. That way, you can easily launch it in the future without having to dive down into the folder where it’s saved very time.

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Godot installed via Steam. :white_check_mark:


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