About 'Haptic Feedback Effects'!

  • Haptic Feedback Effect curves.
  • Playing the effect on hand controllers.

(Unique Video Reference: 23_AE_VR2)

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Had trouble with the Controller->PlayHapticEffect with version 4.23 because the second method you pass in is an EControllerHand which is no longer used to set the hand for the controller, it uses an FName instead. “EControllerHand::Left” instead of an actual Enum. So, in the header file, I created a new private variable:
EControllerHand MCHand;

Now, in the SetHand() function, I set MCHand based off of the FName that is passed in:
void AHandController::SetHand(FName Hand)
if (Hand == “EControllerHand::Left”) {
MCHand = EControllerHand::Left;
else {
MCHand = EControllerHand::Right;

Now, I can set up the Haptic effect from the lecture with:
Controller->PlayHapticEffect(HapticEffect, MCHand);

It works with both hands.