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  1. Final words for this section.
  2. Also, repo has been updated with Rick's 5 levels.

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Wrap up and update of repo with Rick's 5 levels.

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I finished the old version of the section a while back and it inspired me to create a game from it. Here’s a link the post I made. Hope this is okay

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Hey Rick,

So is Glitch Garden the last 2D section in the course?
I found that the Bowling section and the sections after that are 3D. Isn’t there another course for 3D games development?

I’m loving the course so far, I have learned a lot. Thank you all for the great quality and content.

The next section you should take is TileVania - its a 2D platformer and currently right up the back of the course. I’m shuffling sections around at the moment, so that will make the flow a lot better.

Thanks for the reply Rick,

So is TileVania the last 2D section in the course?

Yes, thats correct… for now. :slight_smile:

Rick, When will the revamped TileVania actually start to be uploaded?

Cheers, Joe

Hi Joe, no date on that yet. I’ve got my attention on the RPG for a moment and will swing back to updating TileVania as soon as I can.

cheers for the promt reply Rick :smiley:

Looking forward.

Looking forward to the next and final portion of the course.
Feeling empowered. Came from other click and create type game maker and like having more freedoms. This game Example is a program I made for my Grandson for his 6th birthday. He loves plant vs Zombies. In my Game I animated his family as defenders and I am the Grinch who now steals birthdays.
Plans to polish it more but this is 10 levels with transitions and a final Good Job screen.
Let me know what you think.

Hey John, really great work! I’m so happy to see that you included the kids and the parents in the game, I bet your granddaughter loved it!

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It was a huge success in the game It plays happy birthday but being a copyrighted song I uploaded with the sound from the lesson. Thanks for all the help.Getting ready now to move on to the last part of this level. Kind of bittersweet. knowing the course has and end :slight_smile:

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Again thanks. I wanted you to know the following:

I used my prefab characters on the transitions So the defenders would be introduced to the player.

All was fine until the 2nd transition using my Pinata (based on the trophy). It was throing an out of bounds error when I would build gor WebGL .

Windows and Android build were fine. I replace that prefab with a game object sprite render of the same charactere and it built with no problems.

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Made it to the end of the Glitch Garden section! I added my own spin to the project and here I present you Medieval Castle: https://obregons-online.com/projects/medieval-castle/

What you love, what you dislike, what could be improved… Let me know what you think!

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I’m struggling with this particular section, I flew through Block Breaker and Laser Defender as I enjoyed them a lot, but this is taking me months as my interest dropped off. I picked this course to learn C# through an interesting medium, but this section felt like it focused a lot more on the game design and mechanics, which is fine when wanting to learn game design.

I’m not sure I could make any recommendations as this is a gaming development course, but the coding was less interesting to me in this section. I also got bored in Text 101.

Love the design Craftpix art is the best (IMHO).
The game kept freexing on me. but I liked everything about it including animated castle destruction nice touch.

Thanks so much for another great course. I felt like I learned a great deal. For me it really worked to spend a larger proportion of time doing challenges, solving problems, and debugging things myself rather than following along with @Rick_Davidson. Yes, it took me longer (I’d say for every minute of lecture I was spending on average 3-4 minutes working). But it was really satisfying, especially when, after an hour or two of work I was in a position to just fast-click through the lecture to validate/correct my approach.
I’m not sure if I’ll end up customising this game for my portfolio or not, but if I do, I’ll share it. Thanks again.

Is there a way to access the glitch garden videos? I am not seeing them in the unity 2d course…

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