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In this video (objectives)… 1. Discussion of game overview screen and core features. 2. Demo of the game prototype.

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(Unique Video Reference: 2_GL_CUD)

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Thank you for updating the next section of the course!

I have a question about creating assets - any guidelines around what size the assets we create should be at? Should it be a function of the resolution we want the game to run at?

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The glitch assets are all different sizes but I think the average size is about 140x160, I think. The fox sort of lies down so he’s more like 160x140. Smaller critters like the butterfly are 100x100.

If you are making all of your assets from scratch, I would recommend 64x64 or 64x128.


Thank you!!

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Thanks for the reply Anthony!

Hello Guys! after 11 months break i have decided to comeback to glitch garden for second time(but this time this section got updated) and i got 2 questions:
1 - What is the min and max sprite site, because the last time i tried, i made each sprite around 1000x1000 px but it still look pixelated. am i missing something?
2 - is it a good idea to use drop shadow effect on the sprite before importing to unity?
if no, is there a way to put drop shadow effect on our sprite after importing them in unity?

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