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  1. Look at the various types of generated textures
  2. Understand that they can be really quick and simple
  3. Can take considerable time to get a desired result

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Understand generated textures, where you might use them and their pros and cons

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Seems like there are some differences in how Eevee and Cycles proceed the textures. For example on the Torus or Suzanne:
Cycles :

Eevee :


Just changed the sphere and cube. A bit lazy.

Tried to use the brick texture for displacement, but it was not available there. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Also, the noise texture on the sphere came out a bit pixeled, I think. Especially close to the tangent.

Cycles handled it a bit better.


Here is a picture of my tests of different generated textures. I was not able to get the brick texture to fit on all six sides. Must be something in the settings as I see others have been able to do so. I will look into mine and see if I can make it happen.


So I don’t know why I didn’t realize this, but you can animate generated textures! Once I realized I got a touch carried away by what you can do!



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Some sculpting - now they look a little bit realistic)


I might have had a little too much fun with this one :stuck_out_tongue:



Mikey, He snuck in again!

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I was playing around and found this cool texture!14%20PM


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Very Nice!

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I did it QAD-style (Quick And Dirty). By just connecting some dots, yellow on yellow, purple on purple …


  • Stone texture as random colored tiles
  • Two textures mixed; stone and wave
  • Noise and vonoroi as a vegetable.
  • Sine wave as a candy …
  • Texturing depending on the z-ax for the statue
  • and I forgot but it has a sub surface texture effect.

at 15:05 you apllied the new texture to all objects but dont explain how this happened ? can you plz explain this? why it happened cause you had just suzane selected? and say oh there are two on top of each other ??? then next step its fixed but no explanation what you did?

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Sorry, been jumping around in the lectures and haven’t been posting my progress much. Texturing is a bit of a rabbit hole you can fall into and get lost in…

This is an experiment with Cracked Earth displacement scaled on the Y to squash it and then trying 2 different UV mappings on the cones to see the effect. I had to use vertex groups and a close loop cut to get the top of the cube and cylinder to use the displacement of the non-scaled texture:

Generated texture displacement is a mission - I wish you could output the displacement on the Material Output and link that to the displacement modifier via some material drop-down or something. I only bothered baking the displacement for the Cylinder. I used the color ramp quite a lot, and used the add shader to mix in Emission in 2 of these:

Also, disappointed that Eevee can’t bake diffuse… Seems like a sorely missing feature. Baking in general seems like a hit&miss affair: Got 6 materials and forgot to add a texture node to one of them? start again… forgot to select the right texture node in one of your materials? sorry your other texture is now broken… oh, you forgot to save that one? you have to start again with that one also. :angry:
If anyone has a suggestion for a plugin or something that helps with this seemingly-broken workflow I would like to know.


Mike will explain the use of the Node wrangler plugin.
Ten’s of commands (to much at first sight). But very handy ones for configuring nodes.

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Nice options available with those! And baking should allow you to take them with you into different programs such as game engines. That looks interesting to me especially for displacement maps.

EDIT: After seeing what @Carl_Gustafsson and @Jaco_Pretorius did with displacement I couldn’t help myself - needed to try out both ways :slight_smile: The sphere at the left is displaced using Noise Texture, for the torus I baked a displacement from a Wave Texture.

I’m especially happy with the sphere, as the “rather intrusive displacement” generated something completely new.


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