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  1. Not bound by resolution
  2. Easy to have values higher than 1 and less than 0
  3. Baking them out will return you to those downsides

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Understand the fundamental differences between baked textures and generated

(Unique Video Reference: 3_PW_BEC)

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My 3 generated textures with nodes :


Those are sweet textures!

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Thank you Michael :slight_smile:

Okay, I have a problem. When I follow your instructions I end up with an image that is striped with blank alpha regions like this:

I have tried different noise textures but all turn out this way. I also can only run the Bake once. After that, I get an error message.

“Baking map saved to internal image, save it externally or pack it.”

I don’t know what is going on. Whether it is me doing something wrong or this week’s build of Blender 2.8, I don’t know what is causing it.

Save externally or pack is a reminder to save the file.

That’s an interesting pattern. I think that is likely a bug.

Just check one thing- any duplicate/intersecting geometry.

It is just a plain. There is no other geometry. I have tried this multiple times and I have to start a new file each time or I get an error message which I already showed in my last reply. I have tried earlier builds but they are all from this week. I don’t keep builds around past the last couple of days so I don’t have any of the older builds to check this against.

Have’t noticed the banding problems mentioned above…
But here are my two patterns. :slight_smile:

First, some tartan-like stuff. Hope there are no scotsmen here taking offence. :joy:
Made with several mixed wave textures and color ramps.

Secondly, here is some kind of abstract colorful stuff. This was made with a single distorted noise texture that had the colors split up into R, G, B , color ramped and then re-mixed. :slight_smile:


Messing around I came up with 2 which remind me of polystyrene and stained glass


After duplicating Micheal’s Wave and Musgrave textures I kept my two just a bit simple and went with a Magic Texture, which I think will make a nice Bump Map for Cloth, and a Noise Texture as a base for some landscaping or possibly a cloud-cover map.

Also, one of the things I discovered that @Michael_Bridges didn’t mention in the video is that the ‘Image Texture’ needs to be the Active selection in the Node Editor before you can bake to the image.


It has been a while for me since I posted. I have been active and off learning other 3D software, but I needed to come back and finish out this course. Here is my challenge output.

Bottom row is generated and top row is baked. Feedback or CC is always appreciated

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I love that weave texture, looking forward to seeing it using on a model!

Pattern 1 :

Pattern 2 :


mixed vornoi

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Went with Noise …

… and Voronoi.

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