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In this video (objectives)…

1 The Single Responsibility Principle 2 Create a script to handle the game's rules 3 Call a function from a child node

After watching (learning outcomes)…

Learn the Single Responsibility Principle and how to organize your game around it.

(Unique Video Reference: 13_HD_GDT)

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Interesting Lecture. I felt that I gained an understanding of how the Game State script functions, and feel confident calling functions in the Game Stat script from other scripts, like Player.gd. However, I am still a bit confused on the Single Responsibility Principle, and I don’t quite understand which functions need to be called in Game State. For example, If an enemy is programmed to die after an attack collides with the enemy, does that entirely belong in the enemy script, or does the function get called in the Game State script? Id love to hear feedback from anyone!