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I didn’t watch this as I have mine working just fine, but I’ve found if I have downloaded and installed Visual Studio 2017 separately, I should reboot the computer before attempting to install a new version of Unity for the VS2017 installation to be detected correctly.

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Hi Rick, even though I bought this course a long time ago, I started it a few days ago, and I have to say that is great.

I´ve installed unity 2019 with VS2019.

I have a little question for you regarding fixing VS, when using Debug.Log it doesn´t looks like the instellisense is recognising it and no autocompletion is working, just for that one right now. Is there any way to fix this or to add it to a list?

I have to say that I’ve already checked every suggestion you made in this video.

Thanks in advance!

Hmmm, if you’ve tried everything I’ve already suggested then I’m not sure what else might help. One thing you could consider is using Visual Studio Code, we used it for the RPG course and I quite liked it. It is essentially the same as VS Studio but may behave better for you.

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Thanks for your reply to my question, I will try that VS code, and I will be glad to do the RPG course, my whole life I´ve been very interested in becoming a game developer.

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Everything worked using VS 2019 but, In solution explorer opened assets there’s no scenes.
Sorry if my english is bad. :grinning:

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