About 'Finish Off Our Plank'!

In this lecture we combine everything we have learn over the last few lecture to finish off the plank of wood

(Unique Video Reference: 22_PW_BEC)

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My Plank:


This was pretty easy to follow. I like how you explain what you are doing and that there are always other options and ways of doing things and no one way is always correct. You do that a lot in your courses and I appreciate that. It reminds me that there is always more ways to look at a problem and the solutions don’t always have to be the same.

In my plank, I tried to add a voronoi texture to the moss using a color ramp. It didn’t seem to be as effective as I wanted. I also put a noise texture in as a bump map for the wood.

It was hard to really see the results when rendered because the resolution of the render was very low. I checked in the Output Data tab which seems to be new for setting the Resolution of an image and the Resolution was set to 1920px by 1080px at 100%. When I look closely at the plank image It starts to show pixels and jagged lines the closer I get. I tried in both Eevee Render and Cycles Render and neither looked any better than the other.

Cycles Render

Eevee Render

Okay, after the challenge lecture section was really helpful in getting the bump on the moss to show better than what I did before. I forgot about the mapping node. Using that on the noise texture made a lot of difference to the result of the moss looking a little more, well, mossy!

I still don’t like the resolution of the plank image. It just doesn’t look sharp enough.


I really like the textures. And yes, I too have noticed that textures in Eevee sometimes have “low resolution”. I wonder if there is a setting somewhere that I have missed?
If you increase the Samples in Cycles, I think you will get an even better result there.

Here is my finished plank.



Final Plank

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Still a difficult process. But I learn as I go …

Added note: Rendering in Cycles, give me this white version.
No clue what is happening. In LookDev I have colors. But not in Render preview or cycles. Switching back to Eevee, colours are back.

Note 2. Tested in Blender June 20th (latest version at this moment) no solution.


Wanted to make a fence and have each plank unique, so the idea of modeling every plank seemed ridiculous… So, I combined the displacement knowledge from making the rock field and created 2 displacement modifiers driven by a magic texture for the local X and Z displacements. The Array modifier had to go before these displacement modifiers, but I would be get similar behavior if it were to follow a curve.
Not getting the nice deep notches, but it was a good-enough compromise:

My texture co-ordinate setup required a separation of the local object co-ordinates and the Object location Co-ordinate so I don’t lose control of the moss-mask if the fence were to follow terrain. I did this by adding the two co-ordinates together. This gives each plank a unique texture and unique moss-mask.


Adding the coordinates! Did not think of that - great idea!

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Had to go with the icecream bar (popsicle). This plank series was excellent, I appreciated the break out and step-by-step as it went fairly smoothly - when I followed along. Of course when I tried to replicate from scratch without looking at the tutorials I found it was not as easy!

With a little more tweaking you may find the popsicle material useful.



I Haven’t Made Plank
But Here Is What I Came Up With

A Freezing Planet
I Am Overall Satisfied With It
But Not With Snow Texture That Can Be Improved
But I Dropped That Idea Cuz This 6 Sec Animation Took More Than An hour To Render
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It really proves the power of the generated textures that everybody here had such different looking planks lol.

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Finish plank


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