About 'Fades, Timers and Teleporting'!

  • Setting up a teleport action.
  • Teleporting to the right location.
  • Fading the camera.
  • Setting a timer to fade up.

(Unique Video Reference: 10_AE_VR2)

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I ended up using UGameplayStatics::GetPlayerCameraManager instead of getting the player controller and the camera manager via that, which I guess is somewhat simpler but might be a problem if we introduce AI into the game.

I also introduced a boolean that prevents any more teleport attempts while a teleport is already in progress, but this still doesn’t prevent the destination marker being moved during the fade-out, which means you can potentially still change where you are teleporting to after starting the teleport. Hopefully this is fixed in upcoming lectures but if not, I guess it’s just a matter of recording the destination marker at the time of receiving the button press.