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I enjoyed all of the lectures thoroughly. Everything was explained and presented in a well prepared manner. I feel I learned quite a bit. Thank you

I would have liked to see more on rigging and animation and possibly how to use animation files (bvh) to animate a character.

It also seemed that some of the lectures in this series were pretty much like the ones in "Learn 3d Modelling. That is not really a bad thing as repetition is important in learning.

As usual Mike, you presented some great challenges and made me think along the way!


When will this course continue, is there a timeframe yet?

I haven’t purchased this course yet, because I’m trying to find the best course on character creation before I put money into something. I have the 3D Modeling course, but I’m hesitant to buy this one, and I figure this is a good spot to say why, because perhaps it can be added in, and my hesitation will be cause for a nice addition to this course.

I’m looking for a character creation course of a more intermediate level. Take me through a quick rough out of base mesh modeling, then show me the extra pieces, like belts, helmets, weapons, etc… Show me how you rig the character, rigs the extras, how that animates, how everything is weighted. Show the normal mapping, texturing, posing, etc… to get a nice character. Give the asset file, so in case ours looks like total junk, we have something nice to work with, so we can understand how the lighting works, what the textures SHOULD look like, etc…

There’s courses for 3D modeling, courses for rigs, courses for texturing… but I want a course on character creation and implementation.


Some tips for the future or maybe a continue of this course:

  • In the last section there are many things which are already covered in section 2 (e.g. proportional editing)
  • More interesting would be to get more of the really helpful modelling and rigging tips. E.g. Double the mesh to make clothes, split mesh to make fingers and so on.
  • For a conitnuing of the course I would appreciate if there would be more tips on how to rig more complex characters (The main picture of the course already made expectations in that direction but it wasn’t really covered). Not so much in the way of high-poly meshes. Low-poly is ok, but how do I rig my clothes so that they suit to the mesh of my character during animation? Do I need extra bones for them? For example what is the best way for rigging, when my character wears a long coat and I want him to run?
    What is a good practise to avoid twisted meshes? Overlapping vertex groups? What is best practise for meshes in the area of joints? …

I really enjoyed the course. I now feel capable of creating cool stuffs!

I’m very proud of my character, and I’m preparing more to come!

I wanted to know more about rigging more advanced models, and a better understanding to export the animations into Unity.

Also learn how to use some of the tools like cloth physics and how to use then in the animation.


Here’s my oil painting that I used for reference:

And the final model, I want to rig it, animate and use it in Unity!

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How much fun is this! I love the style you’ve created
Well done!

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That’s awesome!