About 'Editing Grease Pencil Strokes'!

In this video (objectives)…

  1. Edit stokes made using the grease pencil tool
  2. Great for when things new a slight adjustment
  3. Use Proportional editing to manipulate your sketch

After watching (learning outcomes)…

You will be able to modify your grease pencil after you have created it.

(Unique Video Reference: 4_SG_BEC)

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This is not fancy and I have a hard time using my Wacom and penci. l still don’t know how to comfortably move around the screen with the pencil as opposed to the mouse. I have to keep setting the pencil down and using the mouse and it becomes awkward. Anyway, here is a sketch in 3D of a clump or regular old grass (no seed stems, no dead leaves).

Looks good!

Here is my second attempt for this lesson

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Blender version June 20, 2019 has different UI. You need to open right properties panel, vertical tab “Tools”.


how do you controll where in 3d space the line starts after moving around?

By default the grease-pencil strokes are on the view-port plane that passes through the grease-pencil object’s origin… so, to do the flowers I had to make new grease-pencil objects… you can see I positioned the 3D cursor on one of the tips of the grass-blades before adding a new grease-pencil blank. I then lined up my view-port to be head-on with where the flower should be and drew it there. That object was duplicated and transformed to the other positions… so 4 grease-pencil objects total for this.


87 grass 2
Started to play with the editing then it got sorta messed up. Similar to @Richard_Rayer setting the pencil down and using the mouse. Good practice for a start and looking forward to getting more familiar with the tools…



So here’s mine. I drew from X and X, rotated that around the Z axis by 45° and did another pass. All before I saw what Michael did :slight_smile:


Grease pencil plant.


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