About 'Dynamically Constructing UObjects'!

  • Creating a new object.
  • Dynamically attaching components.
  • Why is RegisterComponent() important?
  • Setup meshes and materials.
  • Storing an object pool.

(Unique Video Reference: 19_AE_VR2)

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I could not see the NewObject UStaticMeshComponent after running the game and selecting my character from the World Outliner and looking at the Details tab. I even tried reloading the character blueprint and restarting the editor and it would never show up. I ended up adding VisibleAnywhere to the UProperty() in the header file for the DynamicMesh pointer and I was able to see it after that. Once I ran the game and checked the Details tab, the new UStaticMeshComponent was listed, but I could not see the new cube that was created. I was walking around looking for it, and happened to see my shadow on the wall and I was in the shape of a cube! I moved my head to the side slightly and sure enough, the new cube had spawned over my head and was traveling around with me!

Haha! Well found.