About 'Creating Tunnel Vision'!

  • Where is the centre of movement?
  • Updating the blinker centre.
  • Projecting to the screen.
  • Getting the screen size.
  • Calculating the centre.

(Unique Video Reference: 15_AE_VR2)

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My initial implementation of the reverse-sensing functionality unfortunately used the actor’s direction, which did not work and confused the hell out of me for a while. After much debugging I realised that the scene sets the player in the X=0, Y=-1 direction and only the camera changes rotation - not the player itself.

Basing the dot product calculation off the actor direction, therefore, led to some very odd results (mostly a black screen).

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I was having a bit of an head scratch figuring out the screen size using Unreal Engine 5.1, as the player controller returned 0 for both X and Y. Though reading the documentation it made sense, since there are no HUD elements on the screen, and thus GetViewportSize returns 0.

An alternative is to call GEngine->GameViewport->GetViewportSize(ViewportSize); where ViewportSize is an FVector2D. This returns the size regardless of HUD elements.


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